Site Redesign On The Way!

We’ve recently had to delete a lot of old content and will be rebuilding this website from scratch. Here’s what we have planned. First, there will be all kinds of great finance content coming, along with money/finance news. I’d like to mention a few resources before we really get the ball rolling on that. The first is NerdWallet, which is probably my favorite finance related website. The second best website on the internet when it comes to finance, in my opinion, is MONEY SAVING EXPERT. So check both of those out, and make the best of them. On those 2 sites alone you’ll be better off than looking at all the other rubbish on the internet. The final site I’d like to mention is the money and finance section of OutwitTrade where there’s some great comments on different money related topics (how to pay off credit card debt, how to save money and so on).

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